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Designing data systems for the big data era
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Research Areas

algorithms, data structures, architectures

Data systems are in the critical path of everything we do today. At DASlab we design systems for evolving hardware and workloads. Our research is about making it easy to design, tune and use data systems. DASlab is a member of the databases community. Check out our research principles and systems below!

Research Projects

We are currently building three major systems: (1) a design engine that accelerates research and improves developer productivity, (2) a shape-shifting zero-knobs key-value store, and (3) a data science accelerator. Check out more about these systems below!


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Interested to do research on big data systems with DASlab? We always look for strong graduate and undergraduate students to join us.

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Selected Recent Publications


Big data systems sit in the critical path of everything we do, i.e., in businesses, in sciences, as well as in everyday life. The lab's courses offer a comprehensive introduction to modern data systems, and a research-oriented roadmap towards building systems that "scale up" and "scale out".

Undergraduate Research

So far nine undergraduate DASlab teams have made it to the finals of the ACM SIGMOD Undergraduate Research Competition. We won the first place in 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019. In 2020, we won both the first and the second place.

If you are a Harvard undergrad interested in research with DASlab, taking CS165 and CS265 is the first step.

ACM SIGMOD Undergraduate Research Competition Finalists and Winners



How to find us

stratos email

Stratos' Office

Maxwell Dworkin 139
33 Oxford Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

The Lab

Maxwell Dworkin 117
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