.: Accepted Papers

  • Multi-core column-store parallelization under concurrent workload

    Mrunal Gawade (CWI)

    Martin Kersten (CWI)

    Alkis Simitis (Hewlett Packard Labs)

  • Customized OS support for data processing

    Jana Giceva (ETH Zurich)

    Gerd Zellweger (ETH Zurich)

    Gustavo Alonso (ETHZ)

    Timothy Roscoe (ETH Zurich)

  • The ART of Practical Synchronization

    Viktor Leis (TUM)

    Florian Scheibner (TUM)

    Alfons Kemper (TUM)

    Thomas Neumann (TUM)

  • SSD In-Storage Computing for List Intersection

    Jianguo Wang (UC San Diego)

    Dongchul Park (Samsung Electronics Corp.)

    Yang-Suk Kee (Samsung Electronics Corp.)

    Yannis Papakonstantinou (UC San Diego)

    Steven Swanson (UC San Diego)

  • On testing persistent-memory-based software

    Ismail Oukid (TU Dresden)

    Daniel Booss (SAP SE)

    Adrien Lespinasse (Grenoble INP - Ensimag)

    Wolfgang Lehner (TU Dresden)

  • More Than A Network: Distributed OLTP on Clusters of Hardware Islands

    Danica Porobic (EPFL)

    Pinar Tozun (IBM Research)

    Raja Appuswamy (EPFL)

    Anastasia Ailamaki (EPFL)

  • In Memory Processing of Massive Point Clouds for Multi-core Systems

    Kostis Kyrizakos (CWI)

    Foteini Alvanaki (CWI)

    Martin Kersten (CWI)

  • SIMD-Accelerated Regular Expression Matching

    Evangelia Sitaridi (Columbia University)

    Orestis Polychroniou (Columbia University)

    Kenneth Ross (Columbia University)

  • Larger-than-Memory Data Management on Modern Storage Hardware for In-Memory OLTP Database Systems

    Lin Ma (Carnegie Mellon University)

    Joy Arulraj (Carnegie Mellon University)

    Zheguang Zhao (Brown University)

    Andrew Pavlo (Carnegie Mellon University)

    Subramanya Dulloor (Intel Labs)

    Michael Giardino (Georgia Institute of Technology)

    Jeff Parkhurst (Intel Labs)

    Jason Gardner (Intel Labs)

    Kshitij Doshi (Intel Labs)

    Stan Zdonik (Brown University)

  • OLTP on A Server-Grade ARM: Power, Throughput and Latency Comparison

    Utku Sirin (EPFL)

    Raja Appuswamy (EPFL)

    Anastasia Ailamaki (EPFL)

  • FPGA-Accelerated Group-by Aggregation Using Synchronizing Caches

    Ildar Absalyamov (UC Riverside)

    Prerna Budhkar (UC Riverside)

    Skyler Windh (UC Riverside)

    Robert J. Halstead (UC Riverside)

    Walid A. Najjar (UC Riverside)

    Vassilis Tsotras (UC Riverside)